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Our Mission

SageNavigator offers 5 pilars of support for elders, family caregivers, the faith community, senior services providers, and society at-large to fully engage and access a broad range of services.

SageSolutions offer service coordination for aging in place successfully. SageSolutions Centers are planned to appear in Wal-Mart, and other elder friendly outlets.

SageVillages are more than a TimeBanking concept, but a proven system to match service needs and solutions of elders with service needs and solutions of others in the community creating a bridge for aging in place or where ever the individual chooses to live.


SageRights is the advocacy pillar to ignite the community to embrace Culture Change throughout the implementation of a national residents council for the advancement of human rights for elders. SageRights will focus on dispelling the myths of helplessness among older adults. Their voice is strong and powerful. It’s time for others to listen and become accountable to our Sage (wise elders) and the human capital investment of their lives (past, present, and future).


SageTalks provide educational seminars, keynote presentations, training and broadcasts on lifelong planning for the community at-large on senior living concepts, services, and aging in place options.


SageVentures provide comprehensive consulting services for faith-based organizations, not-for-profit, and other entities who own or operate senior living properties.

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